Why are My Adobe Products Not Opening? This is Why!

Adobe Creative Cloud is a fantastic suite of programs. They allow you to create, design, edit, and share but when something goes wrong, no work gets done, and that’s a problem. Let’s look at why this happens and how we can fix it.

Adobe programs are not opening due to a corrupt app, running older or unsupported versions, a network problem or a firewall issue.

As there are a few issues that could be causing the problem, we’ll look at each individually to see which will fix the problem.

Corrupt App

This is the number one problem with apps not opening. A corrupt app within Creative Cloud or the Creative Cloud app itself. If you have found that the problem is one Adobe program not opening but several others in the suite do open, then you need to start there.

Open Creative Cloud and check first for updates. If an update is available then initiate this.

Click on update. You may have to quit the app if it’s running. Then do a restart, it’s not always necessary but I find it helps get everything back into line.

If there is more than one app with issues, firstly update and any others that need to be updated, one by one. It may be that your Creative Cloud needs updating.

Open Creative Cloud and Click on Help.

Check for Updates

Creative Cloud will usually update automatically however you may have this checked off in your preferences.

You don’t necessarily have to have your apps on auto-update but it is a good idea to have Creative Cloud.

Update everything that is required and do a restart.

You may find that this hasn’t solved your problem. I would then recommend a reinstall of the app. Close all your apps and download Creative Cloud uninstall. When asked to uninstall or repair – Choose Repair. If this still hasn’t solved the problem you can go for an uninstall.

However, you can only completely uninstall Creative Cloud once all the apps have been removed. I would advise against this.

Removing your apps and starting again can cause problems with preferences and presets.

The great thing about Creative Cloud is that your monthly or yearly subscription allows for regular updates. Adobe becomes aware of bugs and glitches when people begin using the latest versions. They then fix them and generate an update. If your subscription is not up to date then these updates won’t be available. Always ensure that your details are up to date and payments are processed correctly. If you are trying to update apps and are having issues then try my next solution.

Network Problems

This is an issue when apps are updating. If you have connection problems or poor WiFi the update won’t complete.

Try rebooting your WiFi. Or if you have access to a wired internet connection this is always preferable. There are several errors that will alert you as to why the install isn’t completing. Below are the main errors and how to work through them

Error 1

This error is telling you that your app has lost connection to Adobe. Reboot your WiFI or Internet Connection and you may have to reinstall Creative CLoud as it may have become corrupt during a previous update.

Error 201

This is an update failure. Again caused by a lack of connection. Your internet may not be strong enough or down altogether. Ensure you are connected or select an alternative. Retry the update.

Error 403

This is a general update failure. It may be due to a connection or another issue such as a firewall (see below). Quit Creative Cloud and restart. Check connection. Check for updates and initiate updates.

WARNING: Cleaner Tool

The last solution is for advanced computer users and I would only recommend this if you are a veteran user. The cleaner utility is for removing corrupted files and fixing corruption issues.

Precautions need to be taken. This is a last resort, after trying everything else. Only use this option if you have backed up all your folders relevant to Creative CLoud and apps. If you cannot sign in to Adobe, if you cannot install Creative Cloud or launch it even after a reinstall and restart.

If you cannot connect to the server, after checking the connection and disabling anti-virus and firewalls.

Firstly Download and Run The Log Collector Tool from Adobe

This enables Adobe Service to help you in case you run into issues. Ensure all your files are ‘Synced’.

Close Adobe in Task Manager

Save a Copy of Core Sync folder

Mac OS




Quit all apps including Creative Cloud in Task Manager (Windows) or Active Manager (Mac)

Save all files including any plugins and preferences files.

If you are running an older version this may no longer be available after the clean. Save your installers or make sure you have originals of Install Files.

Download the Cleaner (Either Mac or Windows)

Run the File as Admin

Follow the Onscreen Instructions

Agree to the End User Licence

Select the Number that Corresponds to your Clean and hit Enter.

Connecting to the Server relates to number 12: Host Server

When you are complete you will need to Restart and Reinstall Creative Cloud

This is in effect starting from scratch. You’ll have to reinstall any plugins and preferences, but make sure everything is working before you do this. 

This is not for anyone that does not understand in-depth computer issues. If you are not comfortable doing this then DON’T. Bring it to your local computer shop and ask them to do it for you.

Anti Virus Software and Firewalls

Both of these can stop updates from happening or indeed completing.

Your Anti Virus software is installed so no nasties enter your machine. But sometimes it can’t tell the difference and stops an update. This is because your update is coming from an external source and it shuts it down. Refer to your Anti-Virus Software Manual where it will guide you on how to temporarily disable it. (Don’t forget to turn it back on!)

Software and Hardware Firewalls are there to prevent bugs and viruses from killing your machine. A software firewall may ask before an update is performed. If asked, CLick ok to continue. If you are not asked you may again have to disable the firewall.

Hardware firewalls are usually only in company/business scenarios. You may have to contact your IT department for them to allow you access to an update. If this is the case you need to discuss that this will be an ongoing situation.

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