Why Does My Photoshop have a Yellow Tint?

Onscreen color problems happen when we have just had a n update to either our system or a programme, (Photoshop). It’s a problem that is easily solved. Let’s look at how we do it.

Photoshop has a yellow tint onscreen when an update has selected the incorrect color profile in the color Management Panel.

Lots of people use a computer everyday but never really think about what’s going on in the background. When a system updates it can override certain preferences and this can cause issues with color onscreen. This is something that is a very quick fix but without the know how can lead to a lot of frustration.

Why is there a Yellow Tint?

If you have recently had an update your whites in Photoshop may now appear to have a yellow tint. Sometimes you think its your eyes! I know after a busy week my eyes can play tricks on me. In fact it’s an update that has caused the problem.

Updates often happen without us even realising. We open Photoshop and ask, why is my screen yellow?

Color Management

Firstly to fix the problem, we have to locate our Color Management Panel. Key this into the Search Bar at the bottom of your screen.

Locate Color Management Panel

Select Color Management Panel
A new panel will then open.

Color Management Panel

In Devices – Check the box ‘Use my settings for this Device’

This will now enable you to ‘Add’ a Color Profile for your machine.

Lots of different options will appear. The one you are looking for is

sRGB IEC61966 – 2.1

Select this and click Ok

It now should be in your list. Click on it and then Click ‘Select as Default Profile’

Close the window.

Reopening Photoshop

When you go back to Photoshop all your whites should now appear white. No yellow tints should be visible.

However, Photoshop sometimes needs a little push in the right direction.

Close all workspaces that you have open.

Go to Edit – Preferences – General

Here you can click on the tab ‘Rest Preferences on Quit’

Go to File – Quit

Then go to your Creative Cloud App and Restart Photoshop.

This will ensure everything is how it should be and your yellow tint will be gone.

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